The “Alex’s Team” Foundation, Inc. (ATF) was founded in June 2002 in commemoration of the late Alexandra Jane Miliotis, who lost her life to leukemia at the mere age of 16.  As a testament to Alexandra’s strength and courage throughout her battle with leukemia, the unique organization funds the front lines of pediatric oncology in their pursuit to defeat childhood cancer.

With the help of ATF’s loyal supporters, the foundation helps to create and maintain innovative programs in clinical care and research that all share one common goal: finding a cure for this dreadful disease.


Alex’s Team fights childhood cancer by funding pioneering programs in pediatric oncology research, and care.


An Andover, MA native, Alexandra “Alex” Miliotis was known for her strong-willed nature, intelligence, and wisdom that went beyond her years. Like her twin sister, Arianna, and older brother Geordie, she was heavily involved in Andover sports throughout her childhood. .

Extremely sick from chemotherapy treatments but so-wanting to be a regular teen, Alex fought very hard to beat the leukemia that ravaged her body for 10 months. She once attended a school basketball game covered with warm blankets and a head wrap, and was seated in a wheelchair at the end of the bench to cheer on the team that included her twin sister, Arianna Miliotis.

Diagnosed in May 2001, Alex died on March 15, 2002. She was just 16.


Here is a poem that Alex wrote while awaiting a brain biopsy during her time at Boston Children’s Hospital

Though negative, worrisome thoughts continue
to cross the minds of myself and of those around me,
I cannot, will not let these things discourage me.
I keep fighting.
In isolation, but with people and prayer
and support and love and faith enveloping me,
I stand alone, overcome by loneliness
but at the same time smothered with love and support.
I cannot worry. I cannot let this win.
This soon will be over. I will have defeated it.
I will live.

I will find the courage and strength to be me again.



Patti Miliotis – MS, Alex’s Mom, Chairman of the Board

Arianna Wilson (Miliotis) – Executive Director

Ryan Wilson – President

Katherine Kimball – Vice-President

Gregory McQuade – Treasurer

Caitlin McQuade – Secretary

Geordie Miliotis – Director of Business Development


Arianna Brown McQuade
Amy Gaines
Steve Johnson
Brent Kimball – CFP
Jenna Nowlin
Tara Pope

Lucas McGary
Jason McQuade
Mark Miliotis, Esq. – Alex’s Dad
Kate Nardi
Michael Simari