Hop the Hare, the Honey, & Bear: A Crafty Tale


Our good friend, Matthew Pachniuk is now a co-author to a whimsical children’s book called Hop the Hare, the Honey, & Bear. Using the code “ATF” at check out a total of $5 will be donated to help support Alex’s Team’s mission.

To their dismay, Hop the Hare and Brett the Bear discover that their local hivery is out of fresh honeycombs.  With the help of a knowledgeable Cicerone – Cicero the Owl – Hop and Brett journey across the globe in search of new and tasty honey.  A playful Children’s Book that appeals to both kids and adults, Hop the Hare, the Honey, and the Bear combines adventure, humor, and bits of beer knowledge, all veiled as a fun travel epic. 

“The idea for Hop the Hare, the Honey, and the Bear came in the aftermath of my daughter’s first trip to a brewery – the beautiful Tilted Barn farm brewery in Exeter, Rhode Island.  After spending a brisk and bright October afternoon there, my co-author and I imagined the concept for the book.  We’ve worked hard to put forth a product that we find unique, fun, and appealing to not only kids, but to beer drinkers of every expertise.  Beer is a facilitator of joy, camaraderie, and old friends and family.  We hope this book brings a smile to your family and a bit of variety to your story-time too.”

-Matt & Andrew (coauthors)

A dollar from every “Hop The Hare” book sold will be donated to Alex’s Team Foundation to help support our fight against childhood cancers!